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BR had many liveries over the years, including the famous BR Blue.

British Railways[]

Colour Region Date Image
Brunswick Green Western 1948 -
SAM 1312.JPG
Apple Green Eastern, North Eastern and Scottish 1948 -

(60163 still carries this livery in 2018)

SAM 2217.JPG
Black All Regions 1948
SAM 0367.JPG
SAM 0368.JPG
Maroon London Midland 1948
SAM 0054.JPG


Many of these liveries where trile liveries for the BR Corporate livery.

Colour Region Date Image
Desert Sands Western
Maroon Western
SAM 1358.JPG
Green Western
Golden Ochre Western
Lime Green & Chestnut Brown Prototype
Green & White Strip Southern
SAM 3806.JPG
Duel Green
GWR Green Western
Electric Blue Electric
Light Electric Blue

BR Blue[]

Form Date Image
Small Logo
SAM 3806.JPG
Large Logo


Livery Sector Date Image
Dutch BR Civil Engineer
Gray Departmental
Midland Counties Maroon Departmental
Infrastructure Yellow Departmental
InterCity Dual Green InterCity
InterCity Swallow InterCity
InterCity Blue InterCity
Network SouthEast 'Jaffa Cake' Network SouthEast
Network SouthEast 'Toothpaste' Network SouthEast
LNER Green Parcels
RES Red and Blue Rail Express Systems
20170521 152826.jpg
Regional Railways Blue Regional Railways
Railfreight Gray Railfreight
ScotRail Blue ScotRail
SAM 1013.JPG
ScotRail Red ScotRail
Technical Services Gray and Pink Departmental
Trainload - Construction Trainload Freight
Trainload - Distribution Trainload Freight
Trainload - Metals Trainload Freight
Trainload - Non-specific Trainload Freight
Trainload - Petroleum Trainload Freight