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InterCity (or, in the earliest days, the hyphenated Inter-City) was introduced by British Rail in 1966 as a brand-name for its long-haul express passenger services.

InterCity Map (i).JPG

In 1986 the British Railways Board divided its operations into a number of sectors (sectorisation). The sector responsible for long-distance express trains assumed the brand-name InterCity, although many routes that were previously operated as InterCity services were assigned to other sectors (e.g. London to King's Lynn services were transferred to the commuter sector Network SouthEast).

InterCity also planed three new long distance and high speed sets; InterCity 125, InterCity 225 and InterCity 250

Stock List[]

Class Image Number Power Carriages
Class 08 Diesel Shunter N/A
Class 09 38 Diesel Shunter N/A
Class 31 Diesel Locomotive N/A
Class 37 Diesel Locomotive N/A
Class 43 197 High Speed Train Around 8 as part of InterCity 125 sets
Class 47 Diesel Locomotive N/A
Class 50 Diesel Locomotive N/A
Class 73 Electro Diesel Locomotive N/A
Class 82 AC Electric Locomotive N/A
Class 83 AC Electric Locomotive N/A
Class 86 100 AC Electric Locomotive N/A
Class 87 36 AC Electric Locomotive N/A
Class 89 1 AC Electric Locomotive N/A
Class 90 15 AC Electric Locomotive N/A
Class 91 31 AC Electric Locomotive 9 as part of an InterCity 225 set
Class 93 Never built AC Electric Locomotive Never built
Class 99 15 Ship N/A
Class 370
3 AC Electric Multiple Unit 14
Class 423 Electric Multiple Unit 4
Class 488 Coach 3 + 1 Class 73
Mark 1 Coach Coach 1
Mark 2 Coach Coach 1
Mark 3 Coach 848 Coach 1
Mark 4 Coach 314 Coach 1
Mark 5 Coach Never built Coach Never built