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The Western Region was a region of British Railways from 1948. The region ceased to be an operating unit in its own right on completion of the 'Organising for Quality' initiative on 6 April 1992. The Region consisted principally of ex-Great Western Railway lines, minus certain lines west of Birmingham, which were transferred to the London Midland Region in 1963 and with the addition of all former Southern Railway routes west of Exeter, which were subsequently rationalised.

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It was Sectored into: InterCity and Regional Railways.


In the 1959 Inter-Regional Football Torniment[1] was won 3-1 by the Western Region (Against the Southern Region).

Western Region Team: P. Sims (Swindon); M. Woolford (Swindon); A. L. Thomas (Aberdare); T. Grace (Newport); D. Griffiths (Port Talbot); Trainer: F. Clark (Reading); M. Evans (Aberystwyth); L. Abberley (Shrewsbury); M. Marks (Swindon); A. L. Carr (General Secretary, Staff Association); R. Hanes (Swindon); D. Blackall (Reading); J. Griffin (Newport); R. T. Shepard (Staff Association HQ).


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